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Mia Arrison  Broker/Owner


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Purchasing and selling your home it is one of the most important decisions made in our lifetime. The most valuable tools to use in selling your home is using the right real estate agent, one who will provide the current market information to you and be there for you so you can close a smooth transaction.

Having lived in South Jersey my whole life has given me a wealth of knowledge I can pass on to you regarding communities, educational institutions and amenities available. Before becoming a full time real estate agent, I worked as a paralegal focusing on real estate and municipal law. I found my true passion in real estate when I learned that being there and providing personal service to assist people in buying and selling their homes made real estate a joy instead of a job.

Please give me a call to share your needs, goals and dreams so I can provide you with the best available information and professional level client services in order to help make your dream a reality.

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